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Why should you hire us?

We don't tell stories with our cameras, we tell stories with our hearts.

We want to tell authentic stories, to enjoy your day by your side, and create beautiful memories together... all while having fun.


For 12 years we've saved the memories of more than a hundred couples, all credes, all over Mexico.


Trust us with your story, we'll tell it with love.


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Meet the team:

¨M¨- Emiliano Márquez

Photographer & founder of Wedding Media

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I have been a wedding photographer for 18 years and I love it!


I studied Cinema, and I'm a fan of art and life!  I live in a magical town with my girlfriend, we love being in nature and camping with friends.


I am a wedding photographer because it MATTERS, I have the privilege of witnessing so much love and happiness. The couples I work with are kind, real, completely human; explorers with great goals, who do not know how to say no to their hearts. (because I'm the same).


Thank you for letting me be part of your adventure.

More about M


Rode a Motorcycle from Mexico to Peru (my butt still hurts).


I'm a musician, a meditation instructor, I also grow coffee in the mountain!


Canada (3 years), Guatemala, Colombia and all over Mexico


Hiking  and camping with my love, films and a good meme!


Save up and build my house in the land I own in nature.


Nico Mendoza

Audiovisual Producer

I studied communication, digital media and a little music; I am a food fanatic, I like to talk and I always try to observe what is happenning around me. I love working at events; I genuinely believe that recording the spontaneity of people; gives value and beauty to a video work (it is difficult but magical).

Diana Guzman

Photographer & Filmmaker

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Sesión Equipo WM 2022-12.jpg
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Hey! My name is Diana and I am passionate about telling stories. I studied Journalism and during college I started doing wedding photography and video with one of the best photographers in my city and now my best friend.


My camera for me has been the most useful tool to capture a reality; Through it I not only tell stories, I get to know and get closer to the people I portray; I learn from them. I am so excited to be a part of one of the most important days of your lives and to be able to document your love.

Now that you know a little bit about us,
Will you tell us your story?

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