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How to choose your wedding photographer?

How to choose your wedding photographer in 5 steps

In this article we’ll help you navigate the world of wedding photography and help you choose a wedding photographer. Every couple makes several BIG decisions that will influence how her wedding day goes… the first obviously is who you marry, you’ve probably given that one or two thoughts! Haha! All jokes aside, there’s lots of reasons to choose a wedding photographer, come explore them with us:

We think there are three main ways of choosing, all very important to your wedding day. You can choose by style, you can choose by personality of the photographer or you could choose by price. The importance of each category, will vary according to your personal preferences, and probably all of them are gonna be in your mind.

Step 1: First of, you wanna get inspired. Look around Pinterest, or Instagram for wedding pictures and make a collection. You can find anything between pictures of destination weddings on private islands, to small, niche photographers that are more about feeling than flare. This is where choosing based on style comes in. You wanna collect a gallery of what you like, and a few examples of what you don’t like. Things like if you like to pose or prefer to be casual, the colors and locations and the overall feeling of pictures are all included here and are really important to hone in your vision for your wedding. We don’t wanna get too technical, but each photographer uses light and posing in very different ways and that’s important for you to consider. When you have a general idea for what you want, you can move to the next step.

Step #2 Define your budget. No matter your budget, there’s probably a photographer for you. Granted, the low end of wedding photography consists of amateurs and in general, people that do it as a side hustle and might NOT be pros and able to give you the pictures that you want. Usually, a good to amazing wedding photographers will cost usually from $1000 US and up to $10,000, depending on how well established they are, and where are they based from.

Step #3 Search for options. There’s probably a lot of options here, don’t get overwhelmed!, just spend some hours researching for who might be a right fit, with the style that you want for your wedding. Most photographers have reviews on their websites, checked by a third party (and if they don’t, be weary). And usually state their stating prices or the range of prices. There’s still the trend in the industry of having to ask for a price. Don’t feel like you have to, but communicating with them is usually a good step to….

Step #4 Get to know them. Usually their bios let you know a bit of their personality and if they might be a good fit for you. Do you want someone who is funny? Would you like a silent ninja? Someone who’s all around a nice person? A photographer’s personality is an important factor, since they’ll be around you a lot in your wedding. Choose someone you feel gets you and genuinely wants to make great pictures more than they wanna make a sale.

Step #5 Make the choice. Who is in your budget that makes wedding photographs you love and has the personality that you feel like you want in your wedding? Got it? - Is it us (just kidding) ? Yay! You have a wedding photographer!

Well, we’ve hope you’ve found this short guide helpful. Remember, a wedding is about you, it’s not a photoshoot, is an event to celebrate your love, so celebrate it however you want!

If you'd like to get some of the best photography for your wedding, we do it with love!

Thank you

The Wedding Media Team


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