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Why is wedding photography expensive?

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

We know that choosing photographers for your wedding is difficult, there are many options, and it seems easy to save money with someone who charges less.

But today we'll tell you why other photographers charge little, simply; they are not professionals. This post is not to create fear, but to create awareness on the importance of choosing professional people to make the memories of your wedding.

Here we explain some of the risks you run when hiring a non-professional photographer:

1) That the photos and video are not good!

It is not only that the photographer's equipment costs more than $ 7 thousand dollars at least, it is that you are paying for the experience of knowing how to take good, exciting photos that capture a unique day and that also look incredible. That is priceless and few can do it well.

2) What happens if there's an accident?

Does your photographer carry a second camera in case of an emergency? We do. Easily a camera could fall and stop working in the middle of your wedding (because accidents happen; flying cocktails, missed steps and ocean waves).

3) Your Wedding Pictures or Video gets lost.

After your wedding, we immediately backup everything to 2 SSD hard drives that we keep in different places, where we then copy them once more to another backup hard drive.

Once your photos and video are delivered, we keep them for a minimum of 5 years we still have the first weddings that we did 9 years ago and the couples have been super grateful because we were able to replace their lost copies of their wedding.

4) That they don't arrive (or are late) to your wedding.

Having a reliable vehicle for a wedding is everything, that it works 100%. Many non-professional photographers do not have a vehicle of their own or have one that they do not maintain. What if they did not arrive because their vehicle failed or their taxi was late?

5) That you get your pictures or video, super late.

A streamlined workflow and great computers (we work on macs) allow us to edit quickly and creatively and be able to deliver photos in 10 days and video in a month.

Surely, if they don't charge you enough, they are not investing in their equipment. Did you know that a professional camera takes between 100,000 and 200,000 photos before it stops working? Yes, at the average wedding we take arround 3,000 photos. It means that we have to change cameras and equipment every 30-50 weddings to maintain quality.

6) They do not have health insurance, or replacements. And if they get sick or have their equipment stolen, how will they save your memories? - We do and we have colleagues that we can easily contact in case of any eventuality.

But we do want that hiring professionals is important. Your wedding is not a game and we want you to know that with us, your investment has a reason and is supported by a team that has been telling stories for more than 9 years.

Thank you for reading us, would you like to read more tips for your wedding? Explore our new blog.

The Wedding Media team

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