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Our favourite 5 Wedding Venues in Oaxaca Mexico

Wedding in barrio de jalatlaco oaxaca
Photo by us, Wedding in the barrio of Jalatlaco, Oaxaca

If you’re reading this, you probably are a fan of art and culture, vibrant colors and year-round good weather. This is what brings a lot of couples to Oaxaca, a state in Mexico like no other.

Come with us to discover some of the best venues to get married in Oaxaca Mexico. This all comes from first hand experience, from us, Wedding Media, your trusted wedding photographers in Mexico, and our dear wedding planner Isa la Planner. Lets begin.

save the date oaxaca
Photo by us, couple at private hacienda

Photo by us, Save the date at a private hacienda.

First on the list is Casa Don Luis, a green sanctuary on the outskirts of Oaxaca, this is for couples who are looking for a green touch with a blend of colonial architecture to celebrate their big wedding.

Garden wedding venue oaxaca mexico
Don Luis

Now for some modern flavor, Flavia seems the way to go. With a modern architecture that seems carved out of Dune. An event here will have a wildly different flavor than any other place in Oaxaca.

modern venue for wedding oaxaca mexico

Next up is la Fabrica, near down town, an old house was reimagines to a unique mix of nature, clay and a modern feel, this is great for couples that want amazing, minimalist photos.

luxury venue for wedding oaxaca mexico
la Fabrica

We will continue to Cardenal, another downtown venue that can be great for afternoon or night weddings, its open courtyard allow it to be reimagined in amazing ways.

courtyard venue for wedding oaxaca mexico

And finally, we will finish this list with the Hotel Quinta Real, an amazing 5 star hotel with a colonial style, to die for interiors and stone architecture.

vintage venue for wedding oaxaca mexico
Hotel Quinta Real

Thank you for reading us, if you’re looking for photography and film for your wedding in Mexico, at Wedding Media, with us, it's made with love.

Wedding in jalatlaco with porsche
Photo by us. A fun wedding in Jalatlaco

The Wedding Media Team

wedding media photographers film

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