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What is a getting ready?

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

Hello again! You wonder what is the getting ready? Well, the getting ready is the space of time when you are getting ready before your wedding. Here we tell you why it can be one of your favorite moments of your wedding.

That is why this is the best space to have a moment of calm, to enjoy the company of those you love, naturally, the photos and video that we take will be very personal and intimate.

We always recommend playing your favorite music, talking deep with your loved ones and having your family and closest friends with you to share moments.

This isn't just for women, guys can have fun, too! Just a game of Pool, a couple of beers or just plain old hanging out could be great to unwind while you walk down that aisle.

Thank you very much for reading us, if you liked it, please share it, remember that if you are looking for the best photography and cinematography for weddings in Mexico and abroad, we do it with love.

The Wedding Media Team

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