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Choosing a Wedding Photography Package

What is a trash the dress? Do I really need a second shooter? And why is wedding photography so expensive? Today we’ll explore some common terminology within wedding photography packages. But first, you wanna see ours? Now that we got that commercial out of the way...

At it's core wedding photography is a gift for the future and a record of what happened on that day, at it’s biggest, it can be a social gathering, a source of fun or a way for personal expression.

Think about what you need, and then think about what you want? most photographers have three packages, these range from simple coverage for a few hours, to total coverage with several photographers (usually two), extra sessions and prints, phonebooks or some mix of them.

What’s my budget?

Obviously this comes first. Quite often, a photographer’s biggest package can be others photographer lowest package. This price difference sometimes can be strange, but everyone has different costs of doing business and more importantly, values their time and skills differently. Usually, a photographer that charges more, has gear that's worth more, also invest more money on upgrading their skills. But it doesn't mean their work is going to be better... photography at it's core is the act of seeing what no one else sees.

How much time do I really need?

How much photography do I really need? 4 hours? 8 hours? 12? Most of our clients want to enjoy their day, truly connecting in human ways. Depending on the amount of things you’d like on record you might choose the ceremony and some pictures, to a bigger package with everything included. Also, you might consider a lower hour count, but I can’t tell you how often, our client’s favourite wedding pictures come from the moments that are not planned.

Do I need a second shooter?

Well, I think it’s not necessary, but there’s the rare moment when a photographer misses an important shot. This is real life and things don’t always happen in a way that looks great from a certain angle. That’s when having a second photographer is useful.

Do you want an extra session?

You might wanna announce your wedding with some nice pictures, therefore you’d be likely to pick an engagement session. Would you likee to test your makeup and the hair ? A Bridal photoshoot might be a right fit. You might wanna save some time and not have a big photoshoot in your wedding?, therefore a session after the wedding like a Trash the Dress might be right for you.

Do you want prints?

This day an age, Facebook keeps most of our memories. Digital might be instantly sharable, but also almost instantly forgettable (plus you never know how long digital services are going to last). And it’s just so nice to have a printed Photobook with your favourite wedding pictures. Or to have a framed print in your home to remember the day your journey together began.

Well, we’ve hope you’ve found the advice of today helpful. Remember, no matter what package you choose, the important thing is that you have pictures that you love. And, if you want some of the best wedding photography in Mexico and the world, we do it with love.

Thank you for reading us The Wedding Media Team


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