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What is a coluor pallete and how can you use it for your wedding?

If you’re not a fashionista, or someone who’s into design. You’ve probably never heard of the concept of a coluor palette. A coulor palette is a combination of chosen colors that essentially, go well together. In weddings usually, there's a play of black and white (the usual colours of the dress and suit), and every other color.

  1. For example, in this picture we took in Cabo, we've extracted the tones from the sand and the water... notice how this is all over our website.

To the untrained eye, two colours might look the same, but in reality, subtle changes in the way we perceive them can make or break designs for your wedding. From the dress, to the napkins, and of course, the photos! But don’t worry, cause we have tips on how to use a color palette.

Step 1: Want to make it easy ? There’s this quote,¨good artists copy, great artist steal.¨ While most people would look at other weddings and copy that. We’re suggesting that you take it a bit further; pick a scene of a movie you like, or your favourite café, or even a photo of nature. If you look at the colours that are in it, they probably go well together. You can pick the colors of an image and play with them.

Here's an example from a wedding we did: warm colours and a classic location. Black and white always will look good with anything.

Or super bright, sautrated, mexican colours. The piñata here and the green grass make all the difference.

Or dark pallete. In this photo we made in an old hacienda, there's this warmth coming from the fireplaces and the candles...

Step 2: Pick several combinations, feel which one you like. Can you combine them ? Vary them slightly? GREAT ! .

Like these light pink hues on the bridesmaids, playing with the green leafs on the bouquet and the roses.

Step 3: Apply it! you have those great colours that you love. Now use them! Use them for your invitations, the centrepieces, or even what you wear on that day or on your photoshoot.

Finally: a mulicoloured approach, highlighting each bridesmaids unique personality

We hope this article has helped you design your wedding in a unique way for you. If you’re looking for help creating the best wedding photography and cinematography, we do it with love.

Thank you for reading The Wedding Media Team


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