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How not to ruin your best friend's wedding photos.

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

When we think of our wedding we always think of being at the altar with the person we love surrounded by all the people we care about, you imagine your photos you imagine that movie kiss, but when you least realize it someone gets in the photo: uncle bob, that uncle that we all have or that friend who thinks he is a photographer (but he's really not).

The best thing we can do to avoid this is to simply ask people to stay in their seat, this will prevent someone from getting in your photo or video and that moment is not lost forever.

If you are a guest at the wedding, you must acknowledge that the bride and groom have invested a lot of time and money in hiring professionals to take photos and video for them.

So next time you attend a wedding, please stay in your seat and enjoy, it is better if you keep your cell phone down and just stay present, cause we are already saving in the memories for you.

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