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5 tips to imagine your wedding video

Today, as wedding cinematographers: we bring you a few ideas so that your wedding video turns out exactly like you dream it, let's start:

Tip # 1 watch your favorite movies, what are your favorite scenes and why? If you tell us what your scenes are, we can be inspired for your video, even if we don't have the budget for a movie.

Tip # 2 think if you want to be the protagonist or if you prefer it to be a documentary. It depends on your personality if you want to appear in the video and speak directly to the camera or to you in the future or if you prefer to observe and see what happened at your wedding as an observer.

Tip # 3 Music - It's all about mood! . Well, sometimes you both have two totally different tastes, he could be all rap and you, all pop. How to merge styles? well, go for moods, upbeat, relaxing, party, sad, happy. Moods can provide unity and a flavour or texture to your wedding video. Think different decades, greatest hits. Music can really make or break a story.

Tip #4 All about the cinematographer - Make sure he or she really gets you, and is able to give you what you want! Making video is haaaard, it can take over a month of work to finish a good video. Even to making a minute of video can take ALL DAY ! So, make sure he goes the extra mile.

Tip #5 Making wedding cinematography is making art, telling a story involves knowing you, carefully planning, making a script with ideas and constructing each shot with love and care to tell your story in the best way.

Thank you very much for reading us, if you liked it, you can share it with whoever you want the most, remember that if you are looking for the best cinematography for weddings in Mexico, at Wedding Media, we do it with love.

Your friends at Wedding Media

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