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Wedding Photography with no poses?

Ideas of what a wedding should be, change drastically over time. If you look at your grandparents wedding pictures, or your parents, you'll see radically different ways of capturing people and seeing marriage itself. I think in the past the way a photographer was based on an ideal imaginary mold of ¨bride¨ and ¨groom¨ . As opposed to modern photography where we actually see what people are like, laughing, playing, being angry. We’re all humans, after all ! That's why wedding poses, while beautiful, offer a limited view on what a wedding picture can be.

So, what can wedding without poses can look like ?

I’d argue that one of the first people to capture a wedding In a natural way, was Toni Frisell at John F Kennedy’s and Jackeline Onasis wedding, their photographer, and member of a renowned world agency, covered it in a photojournalistic style, meaning; just observing what was going on. In this picture, they’re both talking, and she seems to be lost in conversation, pondering something he's saying to her. There’s the toast and the picture looks more like a renassaince painting, and another one, Jackeline and John are seen laughing with friends.

I’d argue that poses are good, but being yourself is better. If you like this idea, we think you’d do well to find a wedding photographer that’s known for chasing the moment. As a photographer it’s one of the most exciting parts about our trade.

The way we do it at Wedding Media: we rarely tell people how to pose. But according to your personality, we figure out little games we can play, activities, conversations. We’ll start a conversation about deep or silly stuff, and just capture you while you talk about that or have an experienc; we’ll have you dance for real, we’ll have you run, or just follow you around in your wedding to witness you interact with each other and your family and friends.

Half of our job is just getting you to trust us, and relax, so you can be yourself. We just need a half a second to reflect who you are...

There’s so much life, when people are just being, as instead of posing. We all have been taught to ¨smile for the camera¨, but maybe it would be better just to be present for the camera. What do you think ? Let us know in a comment below!

Thank you for reading

The Wedding Media Team


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