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What is the Cost of weddings in Mexico? And how to get quality vendors?

Well, according to a private study done by Google and, they asked over two thousand real brides in Mexico, and the average costs of a wedding in Mexico is $9,000 US, compared to the average cost of a Wedding in the states which is $33,900 (according to the Knot). At an average $50 US per guest. It ends up being an awesome way of having a dream wedding and not breaking the bank completely.

Of course there average Mexican Wedding also has around 200 guests. If you’d like to reduce costs, reducing the number of guests is a great way of saving up, or improving on the day and feel of the wedding.

In Wedding Media we specialize in wedding photography and cinematography, and lots of our clients are binational couples, or couples that want awesome adventures. It’s important when looking for vendors, to make sure that they speak your language and that they communicate efficiently and transparently.

You can look in places like where brides give tips to organize their weddings abroad, just make sure your vendors are validated trough real reviews. If it’s too cheap to be true, it probably is! Getting a profesional team for your wedding can make the difference between a dream wedding and a cautionary tale.

Since Mexico has some of the best climate in the world, being moderate and There’s really not a low and a high season, the busiest months are December and February. (But there is no low season). You might save a bit on your wedding by booking ahead of time, on a friday and often great vendors will offer discounts when booking in advance.

We hope that these advice help you plan and budget your wedding in Mexico.

If you’re looking for some of the best wedding photography and cinematography, we do it with love.

Thank you

The Wedding Media Team

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