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The Best Haciendas to get Married in Puebla, Mexico

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

Puebla is an incredible state in Mexico, unique because it has all kinds of climates and beautiful, ancient places. Regardless of whether you like large or small weddings, we believe that Puebla always has something to offer for all couples. Today, as photographers and cinematographers, we will talk about our favorite haciendas to do a wedding in Puebla:

First place: Hacienda Amalucan is a beautiful place that has a hacienda in the middle of the city of Puebla, it is a large space to enjoy, full of magical places that can give you the wedding you always dreamed of.

They have one of the biggest vaults in Latin America

Beautiful grand stairs

Pretty gardens and even it's own, old church!

In Second Place: the -Hacienda de Chautla (Grand Mission), it is an incredible place with a hotel in the middle of an artificial lake with an impressive history, it also has a hotel (Chautla Mission) that will give you an epic place toyour wedding.

In third place: Bodegas del Molino, a place with a lot of history, the impressive thing are its old rooms perfect to recreate a classic wedding, as well as impressive gardens with multiple levels and a large space for your wedding.

These were our recommendations for places to get married in Puebla if you are looking for the best wedding photography and cinematography, all we do is made with love.

The Wedding Media team


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