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What is a Trash the Dress?

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

At your wedding, sometimes you may prefer to leave the photo and video session for later, to take advantage of the time and enjoy the most with your friends and family: one way to do it is to have a trash the dress later... let's get into it.

In a trash the tres we travel to one of our favorite places and we create unique photos and video to celebrate your love. This can be a natural place, a city or a magical town, wherever it inspires you, the more personal, the better.

Originally the name Trash the Dress, came from the concept of destroying your wedding dress after your wedding, before it was said that it brought luck in your marriage and that is why it remained as a new wedding tradition.

It is easier to take beautiful photos when you are relaxed. Outside the environment and speed of a wedding, you can relax and simply enjoy taking photos with the person you love.

We hope that answered the question, see you very soon in your trash the dress. If you are looking for the best wedding photography and cinematography in Mexico, we'll do it with love.

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